Sometimes the cause of your pet’s illness or injury is not obvious on the outside and we need to take x-rays to help diagnose the problem.

At Severn Vets we use digital radiography at all of our branches. The digital image can easily be zoomed and enhanced to help with diagnosis, as well as transferred quickly to a specialist if required.

X-rays are commonly used to evaluate:

  • Lameness, bone and joint issues
  • Heart and lung disorders
  • Vomiting and digestive disorders
  • Urinary problems

X-rays are normally performed under light sedation and are commonly a day procedure where your pet comes in first thing in the morning and goes home to you in the afternoon.


Ultrasound is a painless and non-invasive way of looking at soft tissues and major organs. It uses sound waves to create an image which we can use to help us provide appropriate treatment for your pet.

Most people will be familiar with an ultrasound if they themselves have been pregnant. We commonly scan cats and dogs for pregnancy with the ultrasound machine too.

The ultrasound machine to guide us when we are taking a biopsy.