Cat Friendly Clinics

Cats have excellent sense of smell and hearing making them very sensitive to their surrounding environment. Whilst they may not mind sharing their home with familiar dogs, they prefer not to meet unfamiliar dogs when they are feeling unwell or stressed. At our Berkeley branch we have a segregated waiting room so cats and dogs can be kept away from each other whilst waiting for their appointment.


Cat friendly day patient area

Because cats are naturally solitary our hospitalisation area is especially designed so no kennels face each other to give each patient a feeling of privacy and security.

Our cat rooms are equipped with Feliway classic diffusers (feline facial calming pheromones) to reduce stress.

Cats naturally feel safer when up high or hidden, because of this we provide our feline patients with special shelves in our waiting room to place carriers as well as blankets (sprayed with Feliway) to place over cat carriers.


Cat friendly consulting rooms

We try to make all consultations as stress-free as possible for your feline friends. To enable us to do this we have comfy beds for the cats to sit in and a litter tray in case one of our visitors is “caught short”. All our team are happy to work around the cats and take all procedures and examinations at their pace and wherever they feel most comfortable.


Special equipment

We are fortunate to have access to several pieces of equipment allowing us to provide the best care for out feline patients. From in house blood machines which allow same day results for most routine blood work, to blood pressure monitors as well as dental xray, ultrasound, xray and a tonopen – a device which enables us to measure the internal pressure of the eye.


Dental care and operations

At Severn vets we are passionate about providing thorough dental care for our feline patients. Whilst under general anaesthesia we routinely take dental xrays to look for hidden damage to your cats teeth and all the vets are experienced in placing nerve blocks to ensure that any extractions are as pain-free as possible.

We have a large operating theatre for all operations and can guarantee that all anaesthetics will be continuously monitored by a nurse.

All our team at Severn Vets take pride in the facilities that we offer and enjoy the opportunity to offer high quality veterinary care focused towards our feline patients.