Animal Health Certificates for EU travel

What do you need to do?

Microchips are required for every pet that you wish to take abroad.

A rabies vaccination will need to be administrated to your pet once a microchip has been inserted. This can be done during the same consultation. Your pet must be at least 12 weeks old before they can have the rabies vaccine.

A client questionnaire must then be completed regarding intended travel plans (please request a form from our reception team).

You can then make an appointment for an ‘Official Veterinarian’ to complete an Animal Health Certificate (AHC):

This appointment must be NO MORE THAN 10 DAYS before you travel

At least 21 days must have lapsed between the rabies vaccination and issuing of the AHC.

You will need to bring proof of:

Your pet’s microchipping date

Your pet’s rabies vaccination record

Not all vets are authorised by the government to issue Animal Health Certificates so please inform reception so they can book you with a suitably authorised vet.

How long is the Animal Health Certificate valid for?

For entry to the EU or NI – 10 days

Onward travel within the EU – 4 months or until the expiry date of the rabies vaccine (whichever is the earliest)

Re-entry to GB – 4 months or until the expiry date of the rabies vaccine (whichever is the earliest)

Returning to GB

Tapeworm Treatment- dogs only

Between 24 and 120 hours before returning to the UK, you will need to take your DOG to see a vet, for them to administer an approved tapeworm treatment and enter the details on the AHC.


Please go to for further information


How do I arrange these steps?
Please contact your local Severn Veterinary branch to arrange an appointment.

The regulations relating to pet passports, can and do change. We advise that you check with DEFRA and the relevant authorities of the countries you intend to travel to with your pet, to make sure you are aware of any changes in the regulations and specific local regulations.