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Fleas and ear mites

These are far more common than most people realise. Fleas are the single largest cause of skin disease in dogs and cats and will also bite humans. The saliva deposited by the flea provokes an itch response that can be very intense. Scratching or nibbling at these itchy areas by the pet can cause severe skin damage and resultant bacterial dermatitis, etc. The fleas do not need to live on the pet and indeed lay most of their eggs in the environment (our houses!). It is thus possible for a pet to be itchy because of fleas without any obvious adult fleas running around in their coats. Flea control is recommended for all pet dog and cats. However as with worming products many of the available flea treatments are based on very old and ineffective drugs. Please seek our advice on the latest treatments.

Ear mites are also common, particularly in puppies and kittens. Any pet that is showing signs of ear irritation should be examined. As with fleas pets can very rapidly self-inflict severe damage on itchy ears.

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