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Cats@Severn Vets


  Welcome to Cats@Severn Vets! 

We are excited to welcome you to Cats@Severn vets!  Worcestershire’s first cat only clinic, with a friendly cat loving team of vets and vet nurses dedicated to feline health and welfare. Making your cat’s visit to the vets a calm and positive experience.

We are a registered ISFM practice member with gold level status. Please follow the link for more information on cat friendly clinics


To provide the best care for cats at home and in the veterinary practice, it is important to see things from a cat’s perspective…

·         Cats have an excellent sense of smell and hearing, making them sensitive to their surrounding environment – This is why cats do not like sharing with dogs (even if they quite happily live with dogs at home). At Cats@Severn Vets we offer a quiet ‘no dogs allowed’ environment, which means no barking, no sniffing dogs and no doggy smells. We have facilities and equipment designed specifically for cats; from weighing scales and quiet clippers to anaesthetic and surgical equipment.

·         Cats are solitary animals – Normally, cats do not like spending time with other cats. In fact, another cat staring at your cat can be very stressful for them. That is why we ensure any hospitalised patients are not in direct visual view of each other in their beds, we also provide blankets to put over your cat’s carrier and have a spacious waiting room

·         Cats feel safer when high up or hiding – We have cat shelves for patients waiting in their carriers in reception. We also have cosy large beds with plenty of blankets, tables and boxes for cats to hide in, under and around!

·         Unusual environments and visits to the vet can be stressful – we use calming facial pheromone diffusers (Feliway) throughout the practice to help make your cat feel secure. Here at Cats@Severn vets we pride ourselves in having cattitude! A positive attitude towards cats and being knowledgeable about their needs.

·         Cats have unique personalities and differ in their likes and needs – This is individual to every cat and part of their character, this is also why we love them so much! To make your cat feel at home we give them the choice of a variety of suitable cat litters, foods and food bowls, as well as cat friendly toys.

As well as our committed and knowledgeable staff, we are lucky to have a Board Certified Specialist in Feline Practice and RCVS Advanced Practitioner, David Godfrey, in our team. We also have soft tissue and orthopaedic surgeons for all of our surgical cases. Please contact us if you have any questions about your cat or would like to book an appointment with one of our vets.

Happy Black Cat Day! 27th October 2016

Thank you to everyone who got involved and sent in entries of their beautiful black cats! We had so many lovely pictures, which made picking a winner very difficult! But after a lot of thought, our winner is...


Looking very smart Boris! Well done!

#nationalblackcatday #catsatsevernvets

Did you know that cats can age at the human equivalent of four to seven years in each twelve month interval? 

Thats why we are launcing our new Be Active Campaign, a more proactive approach to older pet health starting with a thorough vet nurse examination every six months for cats 7 years old and up. Call the practice today on 01905 729794 to book your senior cat's health check

Please follow us on instagram at cats_at_severn_vets for cute pictures and stories of our feline patients!

#catsatsevernvets #severnvets

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